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Five Ways Clutter Affects Your Senior

Clutter can be a bigger problem for your senior than you or she might realize. As her caregiver, you might find that you need to step in at some point and address what’s going on.

Your Senior Might Completely Forget about Clutter

Clutter seems pretty obvious, but your senior might be clutter blind. That means that she forgets that she’s dealing with a lot of clutter and might even be oblivious to how the clutter is affecting her daily life. You might find that trying to talk to her about her clutter issues results in defensive behaviors, which can make it difficult to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Clutter Is More Dangerous than You Realize

Your senior might be in a more dangerous situation than you or she fully understand. Clutter is a big tripping hazard, but depending on how she’s cluttering her home, clutter can also attack her from above. She might be stockpiling some of her clutter in cabinets, which can leave them in a “loaded” and dangerous state for whoever opens those cabinets next.

Clutter Affects Her Mood

Even if your elderly family member insists that she’s happy about the clutter situation that she has going on, it does affect her mood. It’s exhausting to try to live around a great deal of clutter and your senior might be much more depressed than usual simply because she’s choosing to embrace the clutter rather than letting you help her.

Fear and Loss Are Directly Related to Clutter

Hoarding is clutter that gets really out of control. It tends to do so because there are underlying psychological issues, like fear of loss or fear in general. If your elderly family member is holding onto her clutter because she’s experienced losses recently of some kind, it might be time to try some talk therapy or at the very least to talk to her doctor.

Clutter Can Be a Sign

Something for you to realize is that clutter is more than just dangerous and something to talk to your senior about. It can be a big sign for you that there’s more going on. It’s important for you to look at clutter as the clue that it is and remember that you need to keep digging deeper to get to the underlying issue.

It’s vital for you and you're senior to put together a clutter management plan, if only for her physical safety. Talk to her about your concerns and really listen to what she says in response.

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