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Four Tips to Help Your Senior Be More Likely to Bathe

Your senior might not be bathing as often as she once did or as she really should be. This might be a topic that you and she avoid with each other, too, out of embarrassment. If you don’t address it, though, your senior might just get a little too used to avoiding the shower.

Caregiver in Mecosta MI: Senior Bathing Tips
Caregiver in Mecosta MI: Senior Bathing Tips

Double Check Safety Concerns for the Bathroom

Your senior might not realize it, but part of her reluctance to bathe can stem from feeling unsafe in the bathroom. If you go through and make sure that everything is up to snuff in terms of safety, that can help her and you to feel more secure. Some of the problems you might find could include a slippery tub surface, no handrails, or simply a need for her to have a seat while she showers. If there are any issues at all, make sure you take care of them before the next bath or shower.

Talk to Your Senior Openly

Sit down with your senior and talk with her openly but lovingly about what you’re noticing. Let her know that bathing is a huge part of helping her to take care of her skin properly and that you want her to feel and to be safe. Hopefully, she’ll open up to you, as well. But if she’s not ready to talk about what’s going on, she might clam up instead. Don’t push her too hard just yet.

Talk to Her Doctor about What’s Happening

The next step might be to talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s going on. If you’ve verified that the bathroom is now the safest that it can possibly be and your senior isn’t shedding any new light on the situation, there’s something more at play. Her doctor may have some other suggestions or insights that could be beneficial to both you and your senior.

It May Be Time for Outside Help

Something that neither of you might have considered could be that it’s embarrassing to have a family member help you to bathe. And if that’s the point you and your senior have come to, that could be the sticking point. It may be time for home care providers to enter the picture. They can help your senior to bathe safely and discreetly, which can help her and you.

It may take a little bit of time for your senior to get back in the swing of regular bathing. Once she does, though, you might not run into problems again for a while. Try to check in with her periodically to see how she’s feeling.

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