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Four Ways to Help Your Senior Improve How She Eats

Does your senior need to make some changes to how she’s eating? If she’s like most people, she may not be making a healthy choice for every single meal or snack. That’s not unusual, but she may need some additional help in making better choices.

Caregiver in Sanford Lake MI: Healthy Eating Habits
Caregiver in Sanford Lake MI: Healthy Eating Habits

Talk to Her Doctor about Food

The first stop when you’re thinking about adjusting your senior’s diet is her doctor. Her doctor can help you to craft a new way of eating that accounts for all of her major health concerns. There may be some specific foods that your elderly family member shouldn’t eat, even if they’re the “healthier” choice, because of her health needs. Start with her doctor and go from there.

Look for Lean Proteins

Lean proteins, like poultry and fish, offer the protein your senior needs without offering a lot of unhealthy fats that she really doesn’t need. A variety of these types of proteins helps her to maintain muscle tone, which she needs in order to maintain both health and mobility. If your elderly family member isn’t a fan of lean proteins, look into vegetable sources of proteins that might be a suitable way to help her get the protein she needs.

Veggies and Fruits Matter a Lot

Another big category on which to focus when dealing with healthier food choices is fruits and vegetables. Most people don’t eat enough of either and if that’s your senior, she can gradually increase the number of fruits and vegetables she’s eating until she’s getting ever closer to the recommended daily servings. If it’s challenging to keep fresh versions around, remember that canned and frozen can be viable options. Just make sure there aren’t added ingredients.

Be Wary of Eliminating Favorites

When you start to talk about making changes to your senior’s diet, be careful about adopting a “scorched earth” policy with her favorite foods. Even if they’re not the best things to be eating, you shouldn’t completely eliminate favorite foods from your senior’s diet. She needs to have some enjoyment in food and if you’re making her eat foods she hates, she might just stop eating altogether and you definitely don’t want that. The goal is more to encourage her to add healthy options, too.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle might mean your senior needs to pay more attention to food preparation, which might not be easy for her. Elder care providers can help with that and can make sure your senior is eating slightly healthier on a more regular basis.

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