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Could Nintendo Ring Fit Help Your Dad Get Enough Exercise?

Not everyone enjoys exercising. It may be good for your dad, but he's stubborn. Nintendo came out with a game known as Ring Fit that could change that. If you haven't look at using video games to get your dad exercising, it's worth consideration.

It's recommended that adults get 30 minutes of exercise each day for at least five days of the week. It's also recommended that you alternate those exercises. Strength training is good one day, bicycling and walking on others, and finish up the week with swimming and Tai Chi or Yoga. Ring Fit hits this goal by focusing on different parts of the body during a game.

What is Ring Fit?

Ring Fit is a Nintendo game where you have a resistance ring and a leg strap. Those devices track your movements. The ring requires some force to squeeze inward, which works your arm, shoulder, and leg muscles.

There is a continuous adventure game you play in stages. You can play mini-games for shorter sessions that are around four or five minutes each. There are also fitness routines designed for different areas of the body that you can select and use.

As an example, there is a mini-game where you do squats up and down as the character on the screen follows your movement to work a clay vase. Your goal is to duplicate the clay vase in the image. There's a brick smashing game that involves you targeting bricks and squeezing the ring to throw things at them.

The games and exercise routines work on the arms, abs, legs, back muscles, shoulders, etc. You have fun while you complete challenges. You also select your level from beginner to hardcore. It's also been a workout that you can feel has worked the muscles.

Before He Plays

Do take time to talk to his doctor to see if there are any exercises your dad should avoid. You also need to know if he takes medications that may impact his balance. If a medication does make him lightheaded, he could switch to sitting exercises like the car jump game where you exercise your inner thigh muscles. When the dizziness passes, he could switch to other games.

When you're not with your dad due to work or other responsibilities, you can arrange to have an elderly care aide supervise his exercise sessions or play with him. He'll love having the companionship the elderly care aide offers, and you'll be happy that he's sticking to these exercises while having fun.

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