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How Does Elder Care Make Mealtimes Better?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Elder care can make any part of a senior’s day better. Perhaps you’ve considered how they could make mornings easier by helping your aging relative to shower and dress. Or, maybe you’re aware that an elder care provider can tidy up the house, which could brighten up any day. But, have you thought about the difference that elder care can make in your older family member’s mealtimes? If you’re wondering what elder care can do to improve mealtimes, here are just a few ideas.

Better Tasting Meals

Older adults who lack cooking skills and find themselves on their own after the death of a spouse may not be happy with the quality of the meals they are able to make. They might be eating simple foods like sandwiches or scrambled eggs because they are all the senior knows how to make. Or, they may be repeating the same couple of meals over and over. When elder care is involved, your aging relative can enjoy a wider variety of meals that are also more palatable because the elder care provider can help them cook.

Less Fast Food or Frozen Meals

Is your older family member relying on fast food, take out, and frozen meals? Many seniors do this when they have difficulty cooking because of health problems or a lack of skills. Unfortunately, this can mean consuming unhealthy amounts of salt, fat, and sugar. Because elder care providers can make meals at home, there’s no reason for seniors to stick to convenience foods.

Healthier Ingredients

And speaking of cooking meals at home, elder care providers can use healthier ingredients than the older adult might otherwise choose on their own. Together, your loved one and their elder care provider can plan meals that are balanced and conform to any special dietary meals set by a doctor or dietician. Elder care can even drive them to the grocery store and help them to shop.


One thing that keeps some seniors from eating well is having to dine alone. For many people, mealtimes are special because they are an opportunity to spend time with loved ones catching up on the day. When an older adult lives alone, and therefore eats alone, mealtimes can be a reminder of a lost spouse and others who have moved away or passed. An elder care provider can sit with the senior while they eat, giving them someone to enjoy a conversation with and making mealtimes far less lonely.

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