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How to Tackle Your Senior’s COPD Together

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a progressive lung disease that doesn’t have a cure and that doesn’t get better for your senior. You and she can work together as a team to help her to deal with what she’s experiencing as well as possible, though. You just need a plan.

Elder Care in Big Rapids MI: Senior COPD Tips
Elder Care in Big Rapids MI: Senior COPD Tips

Figure Out How She Can Conserve Energy Now

Conservation of energy is crucial for people with COPD. So much of your senior’s energy goes into simply trying to breathe and to keep bodily functions going. Experimenting with a variety of different ways to help her to use the energy she has as wisely as possible is part of getting a handle on COPD. This might mean using tools she’s not excited about, though. Shower chairs can help her to be able to bathe more easily without getting winded. Grabbers can help her to pick up items without bending over. These and other devices can be incredibly helpful.

Make Sure Her Doctor Is Part of the Team

Your senior’s doctor should definitely be part of the team you’re putting together. Her doctor can help both of you to understand COPD and how it impacts your senior specifically. The medications your elderly family member takes can be a huge help for her in managing her COPD on a daily basis. Her doctor may also recommend exercise, physical therapy, or pulmonary rehabilitation as ways for her to build lung strength.

Know What to Do During Exacerbations

Exacerbations are a common problem with COPD. Exacerbations are a temporary worsening of her symptoms, including even an illness at times. Your senior’s doctor can help you and her to know what to do when she experiences exacerbations. Increasing certain medications or using specific treatments can help when her lungs are having more trouble with breathing.

Get Additional Help Now Instead of Waiting

It’s certainly possible to wait to get some extra help. But getting help from senior care providers now can be a huge part of helping your elderly family member to deal with exacerbations more easily and can definitely assist with the conservation of energy on a consistent basis. Having help now can also ease your elderly family member into being able to accept help more readily later when she’s much more in need of assistance.

Your senior’s needs are gradually going to change as her COPD progresses. Having a plan in place now ensures that you’ll be able to ramp assistance up as her needs increase.

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