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Five Sites That Help Your Parents Save Money on Household Items

Saving money is important at any age. It helps your parents stretch their retirement money. It's getting easier to save money. Store apps and websites are a good place to start, but some sites and apps give you the freedom to shop anywhere. Here are five of the best sites for saving money on the items they buy.

#1 – Coupons.com

Coupons.com is a website where the user looks for coupons they'll use when shopping and prints them or adds them to a digital folder. When your parents go to the cashier, the coupons in the digital folder are subtracted after the digital Coupon.com card is scanned. If they prefer using printed coupons, they hand them to the cashier.

#2 – Honey

Honey is a coupon site that goes through coupon codes before the shopper finalizes an online purchase. It doesn't always find savings better than the store offers, but sometimes it saves the user a lot of cash. If they're looking for instant savings, Honey is a great choice.

#3 – Ibotta

Ibotta is an online rebate app that works with dozens of stores. Add store membership numbers to their Ibotta account. Before they go shopping, they'll check the rebate offers and clip those they think they might use. When your mom and dad purchase the items, Ibotta adds the rebate to their account. Ibotta transfers money to PayPal or sends a check when the balance reaches $20 or more.

#4 – Paribus

Rather than worry about what your parents are buying, Paribus looks at what they've bought and looks for price drops. After shopping, your parents scan their receipts. Paribus gets to work looking for sales over the next week or two. If prices on any items do drop, Paribus works to get the store to refund the difference. That money is refunded to them using the same payment method they used at that store. Paribus can also help them get gift cards and cash if their Amazon package is late.

#5 – Rakuten

Similar to Ibotta, Rakuten gives cash rebates on qualifying items. One of the benefits of this app is that some of the retailers double the cashback. If they find a $1 rebate on their favorite coffee and it's with a retailer that Rakuten doubles, they'll get $2 added to their balance. Your mom and dad receive the payment for money earned through rebates each quarter. With the savings, your parents won't worry about paying for home care when they need it. Home care is there to help them remain independent at home. They'll have no problem paying for caregivers to help with activities of daily living. Call a home care specialist with your questions.

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