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Tackle The Difficulties Your Mom Faces With These Home Care Services

The number of adults who've reached the age of 65 topped 46 million in 2014. At that point, 60 percent of them also had been diagnosed with two or more chronic health conditions. Some of the more common conditions are Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Elder Care in Sanford Lake MI: Elderly Care Assistance Your mom probably has been diagnosed with something. It might be high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, or an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis. If she has a chronic health condition, you need to discuss the difficulties she's going to have around the home. Arrange home care services as soon as you can to aid her as she learns how to manage her condition.

Areas Where Home Care Can Help Her

-Your mom has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She had medications she must take each day, but she keeps forgetting to do so. She needs to carefully watch her diet. She also needs to go for a 30-minute walk each day. With caregivers stopping by, she has someone to walk with. She has someone to help plan a weekly menu, purchase the ingredients, and cook her meals. She also has medication reminders.

-If your mom is diagnosed with breast cancer, she's going to have appointments for treatments, follow-up care, and possibly surgeries. She'll need to avoid lifting heavy items like a laundry basket if she's had a mastectomy. She will need transportation to and from appointments for treatments like chemo and radiation. She's going to need help running errands.

-Health conditions like COPD, heart disease, or rheumatoid arthritis may limit how much your mom can do in a day. She may not always have the energy or strength to get everything done. She may need help changing bedding, doing the laundry, and putting things away. She may need someone who can vacuum stairs, mop floors, and clean dishes.

-Another area where home care helps is with isolation. If your mom lives in the country and doesn't have regular visitors, she may be lonely. With home care services, she'll have regular visits from a caregiver who can help her around the home or simply spend a few hours keeping your mom company.

Home Care is Arranged to Meet Her Needs

Home care services are not difficult to arrange. Start by calling a home care agency. Talk to them about your mom's health, the issues you see her face, and the services that help with those issues. A care plan is arranged that meets her needs. It's adapted as her needs change. Home care will make a difference and help her maintain her independence.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Elder Care in Sanford Lake, MI, please talk to the caring staff at Asona Home Health, LLC, today. Serving individuals and their families in Canadian Lakes, Mount Pleasant, Clare, and the surrounding areas. Call us 24/7 today at: (989) 546-4269!



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