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Winter Storms – How Prepared Are You and Your Parents?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

How prepared are you and your parents for this season's snow and ice storms?

You should have a plan in place to check on them. If they have caregivers, it's also important to make sure the caregivers know who to call and what to do if power or heat goes out. Here's a checklist of things to talk about.

#1 – Who Clears the Vents and Roof of Snow and Ice?

Dryer vents, boiler/furnace vent pipes, septic pipes, and outdoor outlets should be cleared of snow and ice. If there is heavy snow, someone may need to clear snow off the roof. That's a job you may need to hire someone to manage.

#2 – What Supplies Are On Hand?

If the power goes out or the heating system has issues, what supplies are on hand? Do your mom and dad have jugs of water to get them through the outage? Are there space heaters that can keep the home warm enough until an HVAC expert arrives?

Do your parents have enough non-perishable foods to get them through? They need canned soups, broths, vegetables, and pasta. Canned beans, tuna or chicken, and salad dressing will make some protein and fiber-rich salads that get them through until power is restored.

#3 – Do You Have Snow and Ice Removal Items?

In case of an ice storm, do you have salt and sand to put down on sidewalks and driveways to prevent falls? Are there shovels for snow removal or a person you can call?

Sometimes, it's hard to keep an eye on your parents. You may live hours away. Have you considered hiring caregivers to stop in and make sure your parents are doing okay during or after a storm? Caregivers can help them with meals, evacuation orders, and storm-related emergencies. You have peace of mind knowing that your parents are with caregivers and have the help they need when you're too far away.

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