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Is There a Way to Convince Your Senior to Give Elderly Care a Try?

From your point of view hiring elderly care providers might be a no brainer. That doesn’t mean that your senior agrees with you even a little bit.

Home Care in Big Rapids MI: Elderly Care
Home Care in Big Rapids MI: Elderly Care

Talk to Her about How Extra Help Would Benefit Her

Open up a conversation with your senior about how extra help would be a good idea for her. It might be possible that she hasn’t really thought about the reality of having help and her response is more of a knee-jerk reaction. Talk to her about what’s difficult for her or about what she doesn’t enjoy doing. Things like household chores, cooking, and laundry might all be tasks that she would actually be happy to hand over to elderly care providers.

Emphasize Your Need for Help

Maybe your senior doesn’t think that home care can help her all that much. But they can definitely help you with all that you have going on. Try pointing out to your aging family member what this type of service can do for you. Chances are very good that your senior hasn’t thought about how overwhelming all of this can be for you and the idea that she’s able to help you by letting someone help her could be the deciding factor.

Bring Her Doctor into the Conversation

But that doesn’t always solve the debate. In some scenarios, you might need to talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s going on. If your elderly family member hears from her doctor that having some extra help would be a good idea that might be enough to sway her to your point of view. It’s amazing how often hearing the same thing from an authority figure can be a lot more convincing.

Go Slowly and Give Her the Brakes

Whatever else you do you don’t want to rush this with your senior. This decision is one that she can really dig her heels in about and become even more stubborn about. That’s the last thing that you want. So it’s a good idea to make it clear to your elderly family member that you’re letting her be in control of the situation to an extent. If she knows that she’s got a say in what happens, she may relax a little.

Relying on someone besides you for assistance may not be easy for your elderly family member. Elderly care providers can win her over in time but getting started might be the tough part.

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