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We would like to extend a warm welcome to new families and friends receiving this newsletter for the first time. You can expect to receive it every month. Included, you will find home care industry news and caregiving tips, as well as the latest news about Asona and what’s happening with our agency and caregivers.

Our caregivers are the best. And this year we had the difficult task of picking six of the best of the best. Thanks to Region VII Area Agency on Aging we were able to offer retention bonuses to a number of caregivers for outstanding job performance. Criteria included documentation, attendance, client feedback, length of employment. Congratulations to these deserving caregivers. Their commitment to the care of our clients is an inspiration to us all.

A picture of everyone at the dinner where they received their Retention Bonus.

Front left to right: Lynn Campbell, Dawn Blue. Back row left to right, Stacy Gates,

Linda king, DeDe Buerkel, Nicole Welch.

Michelle Bigford 12/08

Shannessy Thomas 12/23

Happy Birthday, ladies!

DeDe Buerkel 11/10/17

Happy Holidays to all our friends, family and caregivers. As we head into this busy holiday season there will be much for caregivers to do with clients:

• Decorate the tree

• Decorate the house

• Christmas shopping

• Christmas cards

• Gift wrapping

• Baking

• Christmas parties

There are lots of activities available to enjoy during the holidays as well:

• Most people enjoy a drive to look at Christmas lights.

• Plays produced by the local theater.

• Parades

• Music productions (caroling).

Remember to practice winter safety. Be Prepared.

Avoid injuries.

Watch out for slippery conditions!

Prevent slips and falls. Stay close to your client. Watch for ice and snow in your path. Grade variations, uneven walkways, and/or curbs can be hard to see in wintery conditions.

Auto Safety:

Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. It should include a blanket, extra gloves, jumper cables, a good spare tire, flashlight.

When driving with a client it is good to have a current med list for them. You can help them create one and they can carry it in their wallet or purse.

If they don’t have a service, or they haven’t gotten to you yet, you may need to shovel and sprinkle ice melt a little bit to make things safer.

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