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The Years After 60 Are Often the Happiest

Why are old people so happy? It can be baffling to adult children to see their parents at their happiest once they’ve raised their families and retired from work.

Caregivers sometimes see their parents through the lens of what they’ve lost. Their skin is wrinkled, they may have some health issues, they have slowed down. But, if caregivers look past the senior moments and lost beauty, they may see that old age has its gains as well.

The science of senior happiness

Multiple scientific studies suggest that people get happier as they get older. Past fifty, people start aging out of the emotional extremes that create drama. An interesting study coming out of Germany strongly suggests that old people manage disappointment more effectively than people in their twenties. Old people have learned the art of cutting their losses and accepting them with minimal regret.

Science also tells caregivers that people over 65 are frequently more empathetic, slower to anger and sadness, richer in emotional intelligence, and better at prioritizing what’s really important.

This ability to see past the clutter to what really matters may be the best gift of all that comes to the old. Science has not yet explained why old people are so happy, but some experts hint that it has to do with proximity to the end. Knowing that time is limited and precious helps old people put first the things they enjoy and the people they love.

Financial pressures are smaller

Many old people no longer have the stress of a job, the pressure to get a promotion or the debt of a mortgage. These phenomena, combined with an automatic income, like social security or a pension, can substantially ease old age.

Many old people have learned to want less and buy less. Clothes? A few pairs of jeans and sweaters will do. Shoes? They may have spent enough time in high heels and loafers that squeeze their feet. Now, it’s all about flip flops and sneakers. Furniture? What’s wrong with what they already have? The need for fewer things and the ability to foreground what’s important is sometimes referred to as “wisdom.”

Free time is a golden asset

Another gorgeous thing about old age is all the free time. And many people over 65 use that free time to volunteer in their community or learn a new skill or develop a hobby they always yearned for. Finally, they have time to really garden, really spend time with grandchildren, really read all the books they’ve wanted to read.

To conclude, old age is, for many people, the happiest time of their lives. As a caregiver, you can help your aging parents experience all the benefits of old age by hiring home care. Home care professionals can make sure that your parents get to the classes and volunteering opportunities they love. They can make sure your parents stay as healthy as possible by taking their medications on schedule and eating right.

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