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Discover What Home Health Care Offers for Services

On one end of the home care spectrum are caregivers. There are also home health care services. How do they differ? Home care aides, or caregivers, help with things your parents struggle to complete on their own. Some of those tasks include driving a car, cooking a meal, doing the laundry, or cleaning the house. Medical insurance will not pay for home care.

Home health care involves some of the more medically necessary tasks needed after a medical emergency, illness, or surgery. These services are not things the average person can do correctly. It takes highly trained professionals like nurses to help provide this care at home. For that reason, insurance may pay for home health care for a certain number of weeks.

IV Care

If your mom or dad need an IV for pain medications or fluids, home health care helps. Nurses come to the home to insert, remove, or check that an IV is working properly. Medications via the IV are administered as needed.


Your parent may need to have medications injected, nurses can do this for them. Nurses will sterilize the injection area before giving the shot. They'll properly dispose of the syringe and needle after.

Vitals and Health Checks

During a visit, the nurse will take vitals like blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, and breathing rates. The nurse may also check your parent's temperature. This information is noted and relayed to doctors in regular updates.

What and how much your parent is eating are noted. If your mom or dad isn't eating or drinking as much as is recommended, that will be discussed. If IV fluids or feeding tubes are needed, a nurse can help there, too.

Diabetes Education

In cases of diabetes, the nurses who come to the home can teach your mom or dad how to inject insulin. They can teach your mom or dad about diet and exercise routines to help better manage blood sugar levels.

If your parent is going to use an insulin pump, nurses can teach them diabetes care at home and help educate your family on the signs to look for and know if something is not working correctly.

How do you arrange home health care? Talk to your parent's doctor or surgeon. The doctor will recommend it and the necessary services. You'll be given a list of local options before your parent is discharged.

While you're arranging home health care services, consider adding home care or housekeeping and laundry. It helps your mom or dad with all aspects of medical care and daily routines to ensure nothing is overlooked or causing stress as your parent returns home. If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care Services in Mecosta, MI, please talk to the caring staff at Asona Home Health, LLC, today. Serving individuals and their families in Canadian Lakes, Mount Pleasant, Clare, and the surrounding areas. Call us 24/7 today at (989) 546-4269!

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