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Take a Look at How This Family Cut Bills Each Month

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Saving money is important. When you're older and on a fixed income, reducing bills becomes especially important. As healthcare and utility bills increase, savings need to be created in other places. If help at home becomes necessary, lowering excess bills and even eliminating some can help make room in the budget for the care your senior needs. Take a look at how one family helped their parents lower their bills by hundreds every month.

Start With the Newspaper

So many older adults grew up with a daily newspaper that they've kept it over the years. Print subscriptions have skyrocketed over the years. While the New York Times was approximately $600 in 2012, a yearly subscription had increased to $978 by 2016. The Chicago Tribune went from almost $300 to $727.

Dropping paper delivery service can save $50 or more every month in many markets. Your parents don't have to miss out. They can read the news online or watch the news on the TV. If they have Facebook, they can like their favorite news stations and outlets and read stories that way.

One family called to cancel their mom's subscription that had increased to $40 a month. They canceled it and save her the free local papers each week instead. She doesn't miss it.

Talk to the Town

Talk to their town about discounts on property and school taxes. Not every town offers it, but it's worth asking. You can also ask if re-licensing fees for pets are waived for seniors.

By talking to the town, they learned that the dog license was free through an online form as long as the rabies certificate the town clerk had was current. That saved $12 a year for each of the two dogs.

Contact Utilities

Contact all of the utilities your parents use. The power company, phone company, cable/internet, and gas company may have a senior discount. Your parents may qualify for assistance if their income is low enough.

The family talked to the utility companies and didn't find many discounts, but there was one offer for discounted low-use cellphone plans. They used that discount and dropped the landline to save almost $30 each month.

Plan Weekly Menus

Plan out a weekly menu and stick to it. If your parents know exactly what they're going to have to eat each day, they'll only purchase the items they need. They avoid splurge purchases and more than one weekly trip to the grocery store. That will slash their grocery bills.

The family signed up for the local store's app and get around $15 in free items each month. They paired that with the savings app Ibotta to reduce the bill further. Every month and a half, they reach the $20 needed to request the savings get sent to PayPal.

If you've been avoiding the home care discussion, it's time. By reducing monthly expenses, your parents don't have to worry about affording caregivers. They'll have the help they need to remain independent. You have the peace of mind that they have a home care aide around for companionship and assistance.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Home Health Care in Shepherd, MI, please talk to the caring staff at Asona Home Health, LLC, today. Serving individuals and their families in Canadian Lakes, Mount Pleasant, Clare, and the surrounding areas. Call us 24/7 today at: (989) 546-4269!



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