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Five Ways to Focus on the Positives of Every Day When You’re a Caregiver

The desire to want to be positive all the time can be strong when you’re a caregiver. So, how can you hang onto those feelings?

Try to Picture Better Times During Frustrating Days

On a bad day, it’s tough to remember to be positive. It’s also tough to remember what being more positive feels like. If you practice visualizing good days, you can use that habit on days that aren’t as positive, too. Spend a little bit of time each day remembering days that you really enjoyed and that were wonderful. This can help you to hang onto those feelings so that when you’re having a more frustrating day, you remember that those positive days will happen again.

Consider Writing Down How You’re Feeling

Keeping a journal on a regular basis helps you to process your feelings and ensures that you’re able to validate your own feelings. Other people may not be as willing to validate your feelings as you’d like, especially if you’re on your own with your elderly family member a good bit. But doing that for yourself in a journal can be a powerful tool to transmute your feelings into more positive versions.

Do Everything You Can to Take Care of Yourself

One reason that you might not be feeling positive more often is that it’s difficult to feel positive when you’re feeling run down. As a caregiver, it’s all too easy to neglect your own needs. When you’re focusing more on eating when you need to, resting when you’re tired, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible, you’re better able to regulate your own moods. That’s crucial.

Let Yourself Just Be Yourself

Everybody wants to do the best that they can in all that they do, especially when caring for your senior family member is the main task you’re worried about. Remember though that you’re doing the best that you can, even if your best isn’t perfect. No one is an absolutely perfect caregiver, so holding yourself to that standard is unrealistic and can contribute to having trouble holding onto the positives in caregiving.

Practice Generosity

When you’re able to be generous with others, with your time or with something you can do for someone else, that helps you to feel more positive in general. If you’re not feeling as if you’re doing enough, helping someone else can be really powerful for helping you to feel more positive in general.

Remember also that you don’t have to feel positive all the time. “Negative” or “bad” emotions are valid, too, and they’re not necessarily a problem, especially if you take the time to process them.

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