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Four Other Ideas Besides Compromising about Driving

You and your senior might have tried making some deals about driving. That’s a great idea, but sometimes you might find that your elderly family member doesn’t exactly stick to the letter of her half of the agreement. That can mean it’s time for other solutions.

Homecare in Clare MI: Senior Driving

Talk to Other People

You might be able to get the information you need about your senior’s driving from other people. It might sound disloyal at first but try talking to other folks who are likely to see what your senior’s driving is like. This might be friends or neighbors who have a chance to see what’s really going on. They can give you a different perspective that can help you to know what to do next.

Collect All the Data You Can

You need to get as much data as possible from other sources, too, even your senior. Her feelings about driving are valid, even if what she’s telling you is that she still wants to drive even if she’s not safe to do so. That’s still information that you need to have because it helps you to understand why she might be doing some of the things that she’s doing. By doing as much information gathering as possible, you’re ensuring you’ve got the full picture.

Decide What to Do with the Car

There may be a point at which you have to decide what to do with your senior’s car. If she’s determined to keep driving and you’ve found that driving isn’t a safe activity for her, that’s an impasse. For many seniors, simply being told not to drive isn’t enough to keep them out of the driver’s seat. Removing the vehicle may be a necessary step in ensuring that your senior gets on board with whatever alternative transportation options you’ve found for her.

Set up Some Alternatives

Once you know for sure what your senior is up against driving, you need to take some additional action. Finding an alternative transportation source for her can be as simple as hiring senior care providers. They’re a perfect choice because they can help her with all sorts of tasks and be ready to do the driving whenever she needs or wants to go somewhere. Having alternatives available right away can keep your senior out of the driver’s seat.

Driving compromises have their place. But if your senior is determined to keep driving no matter what, they’re not as likely to be effective as you hope they would be. That’s why having another plan is a great idea.

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