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Help Your Senior Celebrate Shape Up US Month

January is Shape Up US Month. Though it was developed for children, this annual month-long celebration is also a great opportunity for seniors to get in shape.

Why fitness matters for seniors

Exercise remains a key factor for the quality of life in people over 65. With a good exercise regime, seniors maintain good balance, good stamina, heart and lung health, and good muscle tone.

Without exercise, seniors are at a much higher risk for heart, lung, and arterial disease, loss of muscle tissue, osteoporosis, and weight gain.

Weight gain is a particular risk because, as we age, our metabolisms slow, but dietary changes are difficult to implement. Seniors like to keep eating the way they’ve always eaten. So exercise may be the bridge that helps mom and dad maintain a healthy weight.

While a few extra pounds on a fit senior causes little worry, obesity in people over 65 is quite dangerous. It can substantially shorten life expectancy and degrade the quality of life.

Help you're senior celebrate Shape Up US

January is a great month for talking to your senior about exercise and fitness. Here are a few ideas for linking an exercise regime to this month’s theme:

  • Take mom or dad to a fitness store. Many businesses that sell exercise equipment are celebrating Shape Up US. So this will be a great time to take your parent shopping for a Fitbit, a step counter, stationary bike, kettlebells, wearable weights, or other fitness equipment. The benefit of taking your senior shopping is that she has an opportunity to judge what she wants to do and what she can handle in the way of exercise equipment.

  • Listen to Shape Up US radio with your mother or father and see if he or she wants to do exercises to the music. All the music at Shape Up radio is free, and all of it is catchy and encourages light to moderate exercise moves like moving from one foot to another, swinging arms, and bending knees. Even very light exercise, like walking in place, is good for many seniors.

  • Check out the official Shape Up US website for ideas and local opportunities. Many communities offer get-togethers for people who want to get fit and celebrate the month. Some of these opportunities are virtual.

  • Hire home health care. Home health care aides are skilled at helping seniors do the right kind of exercises. These specialists understand senior needs for strength training and balance training and they will coach seniors on how to do these exercises safely and effectively.

In conclusion, it’s always a good time to get more exercise. But Shape Up US month offers a once-a-year opportunity to talk to your seniors about exercise and wellness. Check out the website, consult a home health care expert, and get your senior moving!

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