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Is Your Senior Getting the Most out of Exercise, Even with Arthritis?

One of the many treatment methods your senior’s doctor may recommend for her to deal with arthritis might be an exercise plan. But it’s important to approach this the right way, first with her doctor’s guidance, and then from a common-sense perspective.

When She’s Having a Flare, Exercise Might Not Be a Great Idea

When you talk about exercise involving a person with arthritis, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s better to rest. Rest is a big part of the exercise cycle and it helps your elderly family member’s body to recover and to be able to keep going. If she’s experiencing a flare or genuinely doesn’t feel well, maybe that day needs to become a rest day instead of an exercise day. There are some days where just regular movement is uncomfortable and exercise is truly too much.

The Best Advice Is to Start Slow and Steady from Day One

One of the worst things your senior could do when she decides to start exercising is to go full speed ahead and really push herself. If she forges in too fast, she runs the risk of injuring herself and wearing herself out. It’s much better for her to start out slow and steady. She can gradually increase what she’s doing overtime and as she grows stronger.

Overdoing Doesn’t Give More Benefits

Contrary to what a lot of people believe about exercise, overdoing things doesn’t provide better and faster benefits. All overdoing does is possibly lead to injuries, and that’s something your senior needs to avoid at all costs. Exercise is supposed to help her to become stronger. Listening to her body and doing only what her body is able to handle right now is the better course of action.

Consistency Gives the Best Results

It’s way more important that your elderly family member consistently exercises for a few minutes a day rather than spending four hours in the gym every now and then. Exercise for arthritis is about building up muscle strength and stamina and that happens over time. This is something she needs to be consistently doing on a regular basis.

Something else to consider is that having senior care providers around can be a huge help. On days when your senior isn’t feeling as well, they can take over some crucial tasks. Even on days, your elderly family member is feeling well, they can help her to conserve energy so she can keep up with her exercise plans.

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