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4 Ways Elder Care Can Keep Your Parent from Getting Bored

Older adults who live alone can sometimes get bored. They may not have many chances to visit with other people because they can’t get out of the house and don’t get many visitors. In addition, sometimes doing activities alone all the time just loses its appeal. Perhaps you don’t live close to your elderly parent and can’t see them very often. If that’s the case and you notice they seem unhappy because of loneliness or boredom, having an elder care provider who visits them on a regular basis can give them something to look forward to. Part of the reason for this is that elder care providers can do fun activities with seniors during their visits.

Below are 4 ways an elder care provider can keep your parent from getting bored.

Senior Care in Midland MI: Senior Boredom Activities

#1: Playing Games

Does your parent have a competitive streak? If so, they might enjoy a weekly game of cards or a board game with their elder care provider. Now, there’s no guarantee that the elder care provider will know how to play your parent’s game of choice, but they are willing to learn if your parent can teach them. Elder care providers may also be able to introduce the older adult to some new games. If crossword puzzles or jigsaw puzzles are more their speed, an elder care provider can do those things, too.

#2: Going on Outings

Getting out of the house is a surefire way to add a little excitement to your parent’s day. Elder care providers can take seniors to all kinds of places. They can help them to do simple errands, which may not be exciting, but will still add some variety to their routine. However, elder care providers can also take your parent to places for entertainment, such as to the zoo on a nice day or to a movie.

#3: Reminiscing

Many older adults enjoy telling stories about life in their younger days. This is called reminiscing. Elder care providers can encourage your parent to reminisce and listen to the stories they tell. One way for elder care providers to do this is by looking through photo albums with them and asking questions about the pictures.

#4: Making Crafts

If your parent likes to work with their hands, an elder care provider can assist them in making crafts. Having someone to craft with could make it more enjoyable. So, for example, if your parent likes to make cards, an elder care provider can make cards with them or help them to do the parts they have trouble with because of vision problems or arthritic hands.

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